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The Home of Loose Tobaccos

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Latest News

Imperial announce a further cigarette price increase with effect from 7th January, Gallahers from 16th January and BAT from 22nd January. We shall be holding our tobacco prices at present.

Christmas Holidays.  Last orders for pre-Christmas despatch, Thursday 21st December 12 noon. We open again on Thursday 28th December but will also be closed on New Year's Day.

Previous News Items

August 2006
With effect from 21st August, we are advised that Royal Mail will be increasing the charges for non-standard sized letters and parcels. We regret that from this date, our minimum post & packing charge will increase from 3.00 to 3.50p

July 2006
We regret that due to manufacturers price increases, we are having to increase the prices of most of our loose tobaccos by 15p for 50g from Tuesday 1st August.

April 2006
Both Gallaher and Imperial have announced manufacturers price increases of 9p for 20 on most brands of cigarettes, effective from 16th and 23rd May respectively. We hope NOT to increase our prices further for the time being.

Thanks to the recent Budget and the increased taxation imposed on tobacco, we regret to advise that our prices of tobacco products increased on Monday 10th April.

November 2005
All three major manufacturers have announced price increases of up to 9p for 20 cigarettes. Our prices remain unaltered.

August 2005
We regret to advise that our major tobacco supplier has increased their prices. We are still holding our existing prices but will have to apply the increases from Monday 8th August. Prices of other items are unaltered.

June 2005
Father's Day was June 19th. We still have a great selection of pipes, lighters, pouches, pipe racks, and smokers sundries. If you can't find what you are looking for, please phone us - 0115-973-4458.

April 2005
The Chancellor's Budget price increases were applied on Monday 18th April. The web site has been moved to another ISP. You should not notice any difference in site performance, but if you do have any difficulties, please let us know.

March 2005
Gordon Brown's Budget is set for Wednesday 16th March. Will he hit the smokers again? Yes he does - 9p for 20. What imagination! Our prices are held at present.

Regretfully our shop at Market Street, Nottingham closed on 22nd March. The business has been transferred to Tobaccoland at Long Eaton, some 7 miles away.

January 2005
Gallahers have now followed suit with a manufacturer's price increase of their own, applicable from 18th January.

December 2004
Imperial Tobacco have announced yet another price increase for their cigarettes, cigars and tobaccos, effective from 10th January.

What it is to live in a competition-free world, thanks again to Government.
Curious though, with the US$ falling against the , their raw material costs must be falling too. Perhaps it is to help pay for their proposed purchase of Altadis, the Spanish & French cigarette manufacturer!

The Government have now admitted that 54% of all cigarettes sold on streets, in pubs and markets in the UK are counterfeit and contain "much higher quantities of known carcinogens" than normal ones, (cadmium, lead and arsenic). They also contain 160% more tar, 80% more nicotine and 133% more carbon monoxide. (Daily Telegraph report 16 12 04).

The Government are keen enough on health warnings and banning smoking in public places, yet allow this illegal and injurious trade to continue.

November 2004
The Government have now pronounced on the Big Smoke debate. Whilst England will not have such a draconian regime as Scotland or Eire, the opportunities to enjoy a smoke will be considerablt curtailed.

August 2004
We regret that eventually we have had to increase our prices for tobaccos. These will be increased on Tuesday 17th August by an average of 10p for 50g.

July 2004
We have added a super selection of pipes to our pipe page. For a thumb-nail view, click here.

In addition to the re-introduction of the Falcon Alco stem, we feature the Big Ben Apollo, a selection of Peterson Irish Army pipes and a selection of Italian made Savinelli pipes. Established in 1876, (5 years after us!) they have a reputation for craftsmanship and quality.

June 2004
Imperial, Gallahers and BAT have implemented manufacturers price increases. Cigarettes are up by an average of 8p for 20, hand-Other Tobaccos are up by 20p for 50g and other tobaccos up by 10p for 50g.


The new Rizla King Size Ultra Thin papers have been added to our range of cigarette papers

A new Cigar page has been added, featuring the hand made Nicaraguan brand Charatan, These offer excellent value compared to havana cigars of similar size.

A page of Postage Information has been added which is normally accessed via the Order page. This gives guide overseas postage costs and currency conversion table

We have added many photographs of the Pipes and Sundries to the site, more will follow soon. Click on DARK GREEN Ref No. for picture in new window.

If you don't find what you are looking for on our site, please use the Contact Us page.
We stock hundreds of lines not detailed on our site and will quote you by e-mail.

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Smuggled tobacco products still accounts for over 25% of UK consumption! H.M.Customs & Excise have increased surveillance around the country to control smuggling with some success.

The increase in under-age smoking still gives cause for concern and arises due to the ready availiability of smuggled product.

Still the most economical way to enjoy a cigarette is by hand-rolling with a narrow-cut (shag) tobacco. We specialise in such tobaccos and also offer a range of accessories for the hand-roller. In addition we support the pipe smoker with an excellent selection of pipe tobaccos, pipes and lighters.

Tobacco Information

The tobaccos which we use come from the following sources

Cyprus     -    Latakia type Malawi  -  Dark fired & Burley
India      -    Sun cured Uganda     -    Dark fired
Brazil      -    Flue cured Tanzania    -    Dark fired
Zimbabwe  -    Flue cured Uganda     -     Dark fired
Zaire     -    Dark fired  

Our tobaccos are processed in the following countries

American     -    England

Peter Stokkebye - Denmark

   Kendal      -    England

    Exclusiv      -    Germany 

 Larsen      -   Denmark

   Radfords      -    Germany

Last modified 4th August 2006

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loose tobacco, falcon tobacco pipes, cigarette papers, cigarette lighters, tobacco pouches, ryo tobacco, rolling tobacco, cigarette rolling machines, pipe tobacco, tobacco, pipe lighters