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Auld Kendal and Gawith Hoggarth cigarette ranges.

Cigarette Tobaccos

Cigarette tobaccos are specially prepared for the handroller and are finely cut to ensure an even rolling.

Prices include V.A.T.  but Carriage & Packing are extra.

"Post Budget 2017 prices"

Ref Name Description Price Per 50g Price per 500g
C002 AK Gold The famous AK light blend from Gawith Hoggarth 21.87 196.83
C004 AK Black Cherry Medium The Auld Kendal blend flavoured 21.87 196.83
C005 AK Menthol Gold The  famous Auld Kendal flavoured 21.87 196.83
C005 AK Georgia A Burley blend, light and mild 21.87 196.83
C007 AK Vanilla Gold The famous Auld Kendal  flavoured 21.87 196.83
C008 AK Peach The famous Auld Kendal light blend flavoured 21.87 196.83
C009 AK Mixed The  Auld Kendal Medium blend flavoured 21.87 196.83
C010 AK Dark The Auld Kendal Dark blend  21.87 196.83
C011 AK Menthol Medium The Auld Kendal  blend flavoured 21.87 196.83
C012 AK Vanilla Medium  The Auld Kendal blend flavoured 21.87 196.83
C013 AK Black Cherry Gold The famous Auld Kendal flavoured 21.87 196.83


Opening offer - Free Tobaccoland lighter with initial order. (UK only)




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