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The Home of Loose Tobaccos

Pipe tobaccos, handrolling tobacco, cigarette papers, rolling machine, lighters and more!


We appreciate your custom but we have to abide by rules set by credit card companies. If you would like further information please email us and we will do our best to help you. We will be happy to supply all the other products on this web site as the ruling only applies to the purchase of TOBACCO LEAF PRODUCTS when accepting payment with a CREDIT CARD

We are an independent tobacco specialist for the RYO handroller and pipe smoker

Established in 1880, our business has handled tobacco products for over 125 years. This site specialises in loose tobaccos for the pipe smoker and handroller. It also shows a selection of pipes, lighters and cigarette papers. Any product you cannot find on the site please email me on

It is illegal to sell tobacco products to persons under the age of 18 years

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Rolling (Shag) Tobaccos
These are narrow cut pipe tobaccos, carry a lower rate of tax than cigarette tobaccos and are especially popular with the hand-rollers. We have a range of 29, all of which sell well.
Pipe Tobaccos    &   Descriptions
These are broader cut than those below and are bought by the pipe smoker. We have a selection of 23, 2 of which are plug, 1 flake, 1 broken cake,  2 twist, 1 pigtail and the remainder ready-rubbed. The Black Cherry varieties are particularly popular.
Tobacco descriptions are detailed on a subsidiary page.
Cigar Leaf
This new concept from Royal Blunts Inc. of California provides 8 pre-cut ready to roll leaves of cigar tobacco in a stay-fresh resealable pack. Two flavours are available, HONEY BASE and COGNAC HONEY DIP
We list a small selection of the more popular pipes from our extensive range. Details of more expensive pipes, Dunhill and Meerschaum, are available on request.
This small selection of cigars has been added because they are proving to be very popular in our shop. Charatan cigars are hand made in Nicaragua in three sizes. All are tubed
Lighters & Sundries
A selection of Zippo and other lighters, together with pouches,hand-rolling machines and cigarette papers.
Ordering and Postage Home and Away
This page allows you to place an enquiry or place an order for samples or more! with a link to Postage information.

Opening offer - Free Tobaccoland lighter with initial order. (UK only)